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I’ve been with Miss Nena Chavez for 7 years during my time in DLSZ symphonic band and I’m grateful to be under her guidance for all those years. She taught me the importance of discipline, hard work and to believe in myself.

Gabby, Clarinet


I am sincerely grateful that I learned to play the correct method in playing the flute. I can now read notes easily with the help of my teacher in Atempo! Music Studio. With guidance, I can now hit high notes easily; it helps me the proper blowing and expanding my air support. Even though it's difficult on the first time, I just need to do some scale exercises and long tones to achieve the sound I desire. With the help of my teacher, I can now play different rhythmic patterns.

In practicing and analyzing my piece, Atempo! Music Studio taught me that I should start first in slow tempo and if I mastered the piece with that pace, then I shall go in the accurate speed of the piece, ultimately, I have to play it. Atempo! Music Studio really helps me a lot to improve my music skills which I can bring along to my future musical journey.

Ruth Ann, Flute

Lessons with Teacher Nena are always fun. She is very patient, encouraging, and always well-prepared for the lessons.

My progress has been quick because she explains things well and provides tips to provide my skills

Vina, Clarinet

VINA clarinet.png
Cardenas Almira, band member_edited.jpg

I have been blessed to have been taught by Ms. Nena for several years. She has left a mark on me, not only as a musician but as a person. Through her hard work, dedication, and love for her craft Ms. Nena helped me realize what being a musician is truly about. Seeing her put much of her personal time into music taught me an important lesson: one must sacrifice to achieve great success. Her love and passion for music serves as an inspiration for me to continue achieving new things as a young musician. Indeed, her diligence has had a lasting impact on who I am today in all aspects of my life.

Almira, Band Member

Ms Nena as a mentor.
In those six years, I not only learned about music, but I got to discover whole parts of myself that I never knew existed.

In band, I started off as a shy kid, but in my later years in band,

Ms Nena was able to empower me with confidence that I carry with me every day. She taught me how to take a stand, to boost my strengths. The way she speaks about teaching comes from passion and love. This has inspired me to find my own way to bring people to flourish. As a professional now, I still carry with me the values she has infused in me at a young age. 

Jasmine, Clarinet

PETER laimf.jpg

Miss Nena is a wonderful teacher to say the least, and we are glad we allowed our son to enroll back when he was in grade 4. Despite all the rigorous practices our son went through, at the end of the day, he would always come home smiling. 
The DLSZ Band was able to compete in several international music festivals in which they garnered silver and gold awards. This was all done under Miss Nena's direction, which speaks volumes about her capability as a music teacher. More importantly, we noticed that Peter developed dedication and commitment to tasks even non-band related. I am very proud of his work ethic and I attribute this to the culture and values instilled by Miss Nena .

Mrs. Mascariñas, mom of Peter, Band Member

She started teaching me about the flute 7 years ago, although I started learning later compared to my peers, she agreed to take me on. Ever since then, the lessons and techniques she taught, such as a proper posture breathing exercises and constant practice, benefit my everyday life. I was able to compete internationally under her baton. Past my instrument, she went above and beyond as an educator with her life lessons. I hold her teachings dear into my heart till this day, and I am forever thankful for the experiences and lessons I have had with her.

Natalia, Flute

Cardenas Almira, band member_edited_edited.jpg

Ms. Chavez’ is one who is committed to molding students (my children included) beyond music by instilling exceptional work ethic, moral and Christian values into her students.  The group, myself a member of several generations back, had never seen a level of musicality to include several international recognitions up until Ms. Chavez’ helm.  No amount of appreciation can match the opportunities, the music and the life lessons she generously imparted; such experiences leave an indelible mark in her mentees and a unique advantage as they navigate through college and beyond. 
Cheers to Ms. Chavez as we wish her all the best in the new chapter of her vocation! 
- Jose Maria Cárdenas.  Parent, Alumnus, De La Salle Zobel Symphony Orch.

Mr. Cárdenas, Parent, Alumnus,
De La Salle Zobel Symphony Orchestra

"As a beginner in music, I did not know a lot. I did not know how to read notes and music sheets, and I did not know certain music terminologies. Over the course of my lessons here with Atempo! Music Studio, I was able to accomplish reading notes and identifying specific music terminologies as well as playing the keyboard with ease and without confusion to read notes while playing a certain music piece."

Jacob, Piano


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